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Thought Leadership Resources

  • Patriotism and Promotion Objectives Combine With Military Coupons

    As we honor our military this Veteran’s Day, Charlie Brown, Vice President of Marketing at NCH Marketing Services, provides some insight into military coupons and military retailers who can, and often do, have significantly higher coupon redemption per offer and per store. The uniqueness of this market segment turns out to be good for all those involved – military members and their families who save money, and marketers who can move a lot of product while helping those who serve our nation.

  • A Promotion Pilot’s Pre-Launch Checklist

    Like all good aviators, when you’re planning for a successful promotion to take flight, a safety checklist ensures that all systems and controls are in top operating order and nothing is overlooked. Whether you’re planning for a cents-off coupon, contest or digital offer, you are investing significant marketing dollars, so it’s important to make sure that you choose a high-quality partner whose capabilities and experience align with the scale of your campaign, and one with the integrity necessary to protect that investment.

  • Pulling Back the Curtain: Why Print at Home and Paperless Coupon Redemption Rates Differ

    While digital print at home and digital paperless coupon formats may seem fairly similar, their respective redemption results tend to be quite different. In fact, print at home coupons typically redeem at nearly twice the rate of paperless. Charlie Brown, Vice President Marketing, NCH Marketing Services, pulls back the curtain to help marketers understand why these two similar-looking media redeem so differently.

  • Do You See What I See? Why Manufacturers Should Value Retailer Point-of-Sale Controls

    There is only so much that manufacturers can do alone to minimize exposure to coupon fraud. Learn how some retailers’ point-of-sale controls are supplementing manufacturer efforts to detect and deter fraud. Find out what manufacturers can do to encourage more retailers to adopt these controls.

  • Seeing Is Believing: The Importance of Financial Visibility for Retailers

    When retailers outsource the management of their coupon-related transactions, they are entrusting an outside clearinghouse with their money, names and reputations. Greater financial visibility can help retailers protect their coupon receivables and their companies’ reputations.

  • Store-Level Coupon Redemption Data: A Loss Prevention Tool for Retailers

    According to the Food Marketing Institute (FMI), about 39% of retailer losses are due to employee theft, including pilfering involving coupons. By adopting a few best practices, retailers could greatly improve the use of data from their coupon clearinghouse to enhance their detection and deterrence of coupon-related losses at the store level.