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Flexible Invoicing and Payment Options to Meet Your Needs

At NCH, we understand that cash management needs differ from company to company. That’s why we offer a wide range of flexible invoicing and payment options to meet the unique needs of every client we serve. And, we provide the consultation and advice to help our clients fully understand the potential risks and benefits of different options for managing their coupon receivables.

NCH’s customized, retailer-specific capabilities help ensure that your face value receivable and handling reimbursement needs are recovered in an efficient and effective manner. For example:

  • Payment terms can be customized to minimize administrative costs while maximizing speed of payment.

  • Many of NCH’s retailer clients elect to participate in our one-count program for even faster payments across the vast majority of their manufacturer coupon volume.

  • Many clients also opt for our consolidated payment and reconciliation program to minimize time wasted on collection issues.

  • We also have options for clients who desire more direct involvement in transactional receipts and collections.

Best of all, NCH’s scale and efficiency make it affordable for you to obtain high-quality, well-controlled and transparent coupon settlement services. There are no hidden risks or costs. The NCH difference is truly appreciated when you experience a full quantification of the actual revenue sources to the clearinghouse and to your company.