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Expert Loss Prevention to Protect Your Company’s Assets

Protecting your company’s assets, including coupon receivables, is a big responsibility, considering millions of dollars in transactions can take place between stakeholders based upon non-standard forms of tender handled at the Point of Sale. And regardless of media, both paper and paperless coupons require rigorous protection, as neither are immune to potential loss.

Coupon transactions can become complicated and create risk when there are compliance breakdowns, leading to payment delays, trading partner disputes, and even unrecoverable losses.

Mitigating risk and reducing loss for retailers requires third-party oversight, strong controls, and data analysis skills. NCH provides you with the information and tools you need to take further action when unusual circumstances warrant.

NCH's helps:

  • Accelerate the discovery of activities in your stores that are leading to risk and loss
  • Reduce shrink, write-offs, noncompliance, and operating costs for your company
  • Arm your loss prevention, store operations, and corporate finance teams with independently audited data to benchmark stores and proactively curb mishandling, reinforce procedures, and take appropriate actions
  • Monitor controls and reduce uncollectible variances with offer-level granularity and enhanced data visualizations
  • Deter risks that otherwise will compound over time
  • And most importantly, improve your company’s bottom line

NCH’s innovative loss prevention solutions give you the assurance of an impartial, third-party audit that empowers your investigations and corrective actions with great confidence.

Advanced Audit - Product Spotlight
Help protect and improve your bottom line with NCH’s Advanced Audit to discover, reduce, and deter risk with 360° visibility into specific store, manufacturer, and offer level detail. You’ll reduce shrink, write-offs, noncompliance, and operating costs by monitoring and routinely evaluating any variabilities across stores. With NCH’s Advanced Audit you can better uncover and more quickly address costly compliance and loss incidents.
Discover, Reduce, and Deter Risk!