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Payment Reconciliation

Because we are committed to issuing highly accurate payments on behalf of our manufacturer clients, we encourage all retailers to reconcile their payments against initial payment claims. This is the best way to be certain that you are receiving everything you are owed.

If you submit coupons directly to NCH manufacturers via a P.O. Box, then we will provide written reconciliation information on the physical checks that we send to you. Click here to see our Payment Reconciliation Format in PDF format.

If you submit coupons through a retailer clearinghouse, then payment reconciliation data will be provided electronically to your clearinghouse. We provide reconciliation data for every invoice and store tag that is submitted by a retailer clearinghouse. Click here to see our Retailer Clearinghouse Payment Reconciliation Format in PDF format.

In some cases, the payments you receive may vary from the payments you requested. These are called payment adjustments, and they may be issued for a number of different reasons. Click here to learn more about why payment adjustments occur and how you can avoid them.