Payment Adjustments

When it is necessary for NCH to issue a payment adjustment, the reason for the adjustment will be communicated to the retailer or its clearinghouse. If adjustment reasons are supplied to your clearinghouse, it is the responsibility of your clearinghouse to communicate these reasons to you. If you have any doubts about the payment adjustment reasons reported by your clearinghouse, please contact NCH’s Retailer Support team.

Click here to see a listing of the Payment Adjustment Reasons used by NCH, as well as the corresponding code numbers.

In order to avoid payment adjustments, retailers should familiarize themselves with manufacturers’ coupon redemption policies to make sure their coupon submissions fall within the appropriate terms and guidelines. These policies are legal documents outlining the terms and conditions under which manufacturers will reimburse retailers for coupon submissions.

Click here to see posted manufacturer redemption policies.

If you do experience a payment adjustment, it is important to remember that most manufacturers make an effort to avoid issuing large numbers of small payment adjustments. In fact, the vast majority of manufacturers have established toleration levels for small differences in coupon counts and coupon valuations. Many have even established grace periods during which they will accept expired coupons from their retail trading partners. 

If you have questions about why you have received a specific payment adjustment, please contact NCH’s Retailer Support Team.