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NCH Has 60 Years of Innovative Success in Client Service

The brainchild of Chicago businessman Arthur C. Nielsen, Jr., NCH began operations as Nielsen Coupon Clearing House in 1957. With the growing volume of coupons being redeemed by consumers in the 1950s, Nielsen recognized the need for a clearing agent to help manufacturers and retailers manage the coupon reimbursement process more efficiently.

Resolute in our heritage of integrity and market leadership, NCH has continued to seek new and innovative ways to serve clients more efficiently and effectively.

Innovations that may be attributed to NCH include:

  • In 1962, NCH expanded operations into Mexico, thereby establishing the “Maquiladora” industry – an industry that has contributed to both the Mexican and U.S. economies with increased employment and cost-efficient products and services.
  • In the 1970s, NCH established coupon operations in the United Kingdom to broaden services to clients in European markets.
  • In 1981, NCH introduced the first one-count process in Italy, an efficiency-enhancing technology that has become prevalent throughout the U.S. coupon redemption industry. Also in the 1980s, NCH introduced its first desktop computer information management software products to clients.
  • In the 1990s, NCH introduced the first versions of its proprietary online information management tools, LAUNCH and BENCHMARK. By making the coupon redemption process more transparent, these tools have empowered NCH’s manufacturer and retailer clients to eliminate waste and minimize the risks associated with coupon settlement.
  • In 2001, NCH embarked on another industry first, engaging a Big Four audit firm to issue SAS 70 Type II reports on behalf of its Manufacturer and Retailer Services. Issued annually and covering the facilities and data capture services associated with NCH’s U.S. coupon business, the reports provide clients with independent assurance of NCH’s financial controls.
  • In 2003, NCH was acquired by Valassis, a leader in connecting consumers with brands. As NCH continues to help manufacturers and retailers eliminate waste and minimize the risks associated with coupon redemption, clients will be able to have more promotional dollars available to take advantage of Valassis’ innovative, integrated marketing solutions.
  • In 2011 and 2017, after the AICPA replaced the SAS 70 standard and then the SSAE 16 standard with updated auditing standards, NCH promptly underwent audits under these new standards and publicly announced the availability of reports for its Manufacturer and Retailer Services. Now known as SOC-1 (Service Organization Control) Type 2 reports, NCH’s reports are issued annually in accordance with the latest auditing standards by a Big Four audit firm and cover the facilities and data capture services associated with NCH's U.S. coupon business. They provide clients with outside assurance of NCH's financial controls.

  • In 2014, NCH acquired ProLogic's coupon clearinghouse business and successfully integrated the two organizations to deliver high-quality, well controlled and completely transparent coupon audit, settlement and analysis services to a broader client base.

Through these innovations and others, NCH has continued to help its retailer and manufacturer clients enjoy tremendous success.