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How to Submit Coupons

NCH represents various manufacturers in the coupon redemption process. When you submit paper coupons directly to the manufacturer's redemption address, which is printed on the coupon, please follow the steps outlined below. Following these instructions will help to ensure prompt and accurate processing of your submissions.

1. Sort the paper coupons by manufacturer. A manufacturer is determined by the product or redemption post office box number shown on the coupon.

2. Prepare an invoice for each manufacturer. An invoice should accompany each coupon submission, and the invoice should contain the following information:

  • Store Name
  • Physical Store Address
  • Mailing Address (if different from physical address)
  • NCH Retailer Account Number
  • Invoice Number
  • Invoice Date
  • Claimed Dollar Amount (including face value, handling and shipping)

3. Mail the invoice and coupons to the designated manufacturer. Use only the most recently issued coupon to determine the correct redemption address.

4. Keep a copy of your invoices for record keeping purposes.

5. Place coupons in an envelope or box and seal securely.

This is the form (available in PDF format) to be sent along with your coupons:

NCH Submission Form