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Learn About Best Practices for Managing Coupon Redemption

Best Practice Resources

  • Suggestions For Manufacturers to Minimize Exposure to Counterfeit Coupons

    It is important to acknowledge that coupons, which are very effective promotional tools to reach and activate consumers, are also a form of cash tender. As with any form of cash tender, there are certain risks that must be managed, including the risk of counterfeiting. In fact, since a lack of activity can create a perception that fraudulent activity is not monitored or prohibited, it is imperative that individual companies take an active role in combating counterfeit activity. These 12 steps can help you mitigate the risk and financial exposure associated with counterfeiting.

  • Ten Recommendations For Minimizing Exposure To Coupon Fraud

    In a marketplace where coupon fraud has become increasingly sophisticated and has been facilitated by industry insiders, you can't afford not to be involved in protecting your company's coupon investment. By following these 10 recommendations, you can better manage and minimize your company's exposure to coupon fraud.

  • Tips For Protecting the Integrity of Your Coupon-Related Transactions

    When it comes to protecting their coupon receivables, retailers have a lot to keep up with -- from managing the activities of an outsourced coupon clearinghouse to keeping up with dozens or hundreds of different store locations. Follow these five recommendations to attain greater financial visibility and better protect the integrity of your coupon-related transactions.

  • Preventing Loss Through Benchmarking

    By establishing clear and measurable criteria for monitoring and evaluating store performance, retailers can take steps to minimize financial loss due to coupon mishandling, employee theft or fraud. These are some of the key areas within the coupon redemption process that you should consider benchmarking.